Monday, July 21, 2008

Hanging by a moment...

Hanging by a moment
by Lifehouse

Desperate for changing
Starving for truth
Closer where i Started
Chasing after you

i'm falling even more in love with you
letting go of all i've held onto
i'm standing here until you make me move
i'm hanging by a moment here with you

forgetting all i'm lacking
completely incomplete
i'll take your invitation
you take all of me

now.. i'm falling even more in love with you
letting go of all i've held onto
i'm standing here until you make me move
i'm hanging by a moment here with you

i'm living for the only thing i know
i'm running and not quite sure where to go
i don't know what i'm diving into
just hanging by a moment here with you

there's nothing else to lose
nothing left to find
there's nothing in the world
that could change my mind
there is nothing else
there is nothing else...

Desperate for changing
Starving for truth
Closer where i Started
Chasing after you

i'm falling even more in love with you
letting go of all i've held onto
i'm standing here until you make me move
i'm hanging by a moment here with you

i'm living for the only thing i know
i'm running and not quite sure where to go
i don't know what i'm diving into
just hanging by a moment here with you

just hanging by a moment
hanging by a moment..
hanging by a moment...
hanging by a moment here with you..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

How well do you know me?

Living for more than 2 decades of life, has brought me to some important aspects of my life...
my friends... sometimes i ask, how well do they know me? is the reason that i become so unpredictable is that they dont know much about me? have i been too reserved with any information i give to my friends or at least even those closes to me? so i came to decide upon a survey... a test to know, HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW ME?

a series of questions, some can be answered briefly and others have a rationale as to why...
when you know the answer, you will be answer instantaneosly, but if not you'll have to think... and chances are, you will get it wrong... because as most people tell me... "you're soo different..."

here goes, this does not run in any order but subdivided in 3 levels of difficulty...

1. what's my surname?
2. where was my surname derived?
3. who gave me my first name?
4. what is my favorite color?
5. what is my favorite number?
6. what are the THINGS i collect?
7. what movie genre do i like watching?
8. what music genre do i like listening?
9. who's my all time favorite musical artist?
10. where did i study from kindergarden to highschool?
11. how many siblings do i have?
12. what's my favorite cuisine to dine on?
13. what's my current age?
14. at present, alot of people say im good at this one thing, what is it?
15. what does my first name stand for?
16. what is my zodiac sign?
17. what is my chinese zodiac sign?
18. how many "gadgets" do i currently own?
19. what's the first MMORPG that i ever played, and from time to time would occasionally play?
20. what are the 3 videogame genres do i prefer to play with?

1. at present what mobile phone model am i using? what's the feature that im so proud off?
2. what specific profession am i currently aiming for?
3. what famous asian artist was i told to be a "look-alike" off?
4. what disney cartoon character was i told to resemble?
5. do i prefer watching my movies on the big screen or on video?
6. how well do i know my color combinations in terms of clothing apparel?
7. what's the first thing that attracts me to the opposite sex?
8. what's the one "native dish" that i love to eat, but really have to avoid eating?
9. in psychiatry, what's my dominant personality trait?
10. what is the actual number of hours of sleep in a day do i need to function properly?
11. who gave me my nickname?
12. what's my second favorite color?
13. i used to have a mobile phone number that i recently had to change because the sim card became defective. what was that mobile phone number?
14. looking back, what's the college degree that i've always wanted to take?
15. at present, what type of electronic device am i shopping for?

1. what medical condition did i have as a baby that resulted in my first few hospitalizations?
2. what is my all time favorite upbeat song?
3. what is my all time favorite love song?
4. what's the first pocket book that i finished?
5. when given a chance to have and drive my own car, what brand and model would i want?
6. when i could have a pet, what would want to take care of?
7. i have 1 very close friend since highschool years that i have not met in close to a decade, what's the first name?
8. what's my "gift"?
(hint: it's actually a skill/trait, not a talent like others)
9. what's the medical condition of my eyes?
(you need not be very specific of the name, if you can explain it, then you understand/know of it)
10. what musical instrument did i want to learn to play but never had the privelege to?

Sing with me!!

I'm choosy in my choice of songs that i keep singing from time to time...
most often a stanza or line that has most meaning to me...
at present there's 3 that i subconsciously sing, yeah, when i just need to hum a tune or two...

sing with me!!

Always be my baby
by Mariah Carey / David Cook

ain't gonna cry no
and i won't beg you to stay
if you're determined to leave girl
i will not stand in your way
but inevitably you'll be back again
cause ya know in your heart babe
our love will never end no...
you'll always be a part of me
i'm part of you indefinitely
girl don't you know you can't escape me
ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby
and we'll linger on
time can't erase a feeling this strong
no way you're never gonna shake me
ooh darlin cause you'll always be my baby

No Air
by Jordin Sparks
(Chris Brown's Part)

I walked, I ran, I jumped, I flew
Right off the ground to float to you
There's no gravity to hold me down for real

With You
By Chris Brown

You know I care for you
You know that I will be true
You know that I won't lie
You know that I will try
Be your everything

'Cause if I got you
I don't need money
I don't need cars
Girl you're my heart

And I will never try
To deny that you are my whole life
'Cause if you ever let me goI would die so I won't run
I don't need another woman
I just need you or nothing
'Cause if I got that
Then I'll be straight
Baby you're the best part of my day

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bleeding Love... LSS...

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

Closed off from love I
didn't need the pain
Once or twice was enough
And it was all in vain
Time starts to pass
Before you know it you're frozen


But something happened
For the very first time with you
My heart melted into the ground
Found something true
And everyone's looking 'round
Thinking I'm going crazy

But I don't care what they say I'm in love with you
They try to pull me away
But they don't know the truth
My heart's crippled by the vein
That I keep on closing
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding Keep, keep bleeding love I keep bleeding I keep, keep bleeding love Keep bleeding Keep, keep bleeding love You cut me open

Oooh, oooh...

Trying hard not to hear
But they talk so loud
Their piercing sounds fill my ears
Try to fill me with doubt
Yet I know that their goal
Is to keep me from falling

Hey, yeah!

But nothing's greater
Than the rush that comes with your embrace
And in this world of loneliness
I see your face
Yet everyone around me
Thinks that
I'm going crazyMaybe, maybe


And it's draining all of me
Oh they find it hard to believe
I'll be wearing these scars
For everyone to see


10 Lessons learned in JI-ship...

1.) true nature/personality of people comes out

yes, those who you think were seemingly very pleasant would turn sour. internal conflicts arise. you will learn those that have good and bad work ethics. you will meet the people who are used to/avoids/hates to work.

2.) true friendships / teamwork put to a test

sacrifices to help others, to share in their toxicity or problems will be present in those who have truly developed a good relationship. an entire group can share in all tasks given which eventually results to a less toxic JI-life

3.) patient rapport

i used to hate having to speak to patients because i believe that alot would either lie to you or give you false information. after my exposure, i realize it's the way you speak to these people, no matter if they are angry, uncomfortable, in pain, happy, tired, etc. that you will learn of their condition and feelings. yes, there are various kinds of patient, and this proves only that the practice of Medicine is an art

4.) camaraderie

nurses, nurse aides, janitors, guards, and even your parking attendant are people you will meet and work with in this institution. we have to learn to interact with them and make them know that we are just as common as they are even when addressed as Sirs or Mams like when we address those much superior to us. it does not mean that when they do those floor cleaning, elevator operation, deliver food to patients, etc. that they become inferior to us. No, each of us has our own tasks, and like they are doing theirs, you do yours - treating/caring for patients.

5.) not all in wit but also action

so if you're freaking einstein of medicine but cannot function when it comes to all these monitoring, paperworks, etc. that does not make you superior. alot of hardwork is placed into this clerkship. it not only challenges you mentally but physically as well. frequent absentees are usually those who try to avoid work or get sick too often.

6.) you hate/you love your superiors

in this time we work with our Senior Interns, Residents, Fellows, and even consultants. you'll have your own select few you will love and hate for your entire JI life. these are probably those that get awarded as the most loved/most hated during the burning ceremonies. we have our reasons/similarities/differences/like/dislikes/preferences why we end developing great relationships with some, while bad with otehrs.


oh, it becomes so much as a priceless commodity. you will so much need it, and be thankful if you can have alot of it.

8.) EAT

another thing that will keep you going is if you have sufficient source of energy... i had an erratic meal schedule (e.g. taking dinners at 3am, lunches at afternoons, skipping breakfast) and at the end of this entire year, i have lost alot more of weight... well, some however, gain weight throughout their clerkship... don't know, i've always attributed it to either a non-toxic life or simply "at home" to these few.

9.) Experience is the best teacher

experience as i state here is not a mere interaction with cases that come to you but somethings that you just cant learn in books...well for me that is... one as i've stated is patient rapport. another, able to create an immediate impression based on the more common cases. Emergency management of patients. how to do proper scrubbing of hands in the OR, how to insert foley catheters, techniques in phlebotomy, wound suturing & dressing (cutting of gauze), venoclysis, manual fecal extraction, etc.

10.) medicine is hard

lastly, in clerkship you'll actually be playing a part in the diagnosis/treating/consoling the patients. combining what one has learned thru books, teachings from our consultant professors, and actual patient interaction one then gets a hand in the actual practice of medicine. why they say it is the noblest profession, and that which is the longest to study.
these then are probably why clerkship would remain forever as part of medical schooling... at least on my opinion.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Touching with that thing they call LOVE...

So again we fall into the course of a subject called love...

let's just put everything in, in this one entry...

a mix of who i am, according to surverys, and what it is currently present through a song...

then after, have to start doing my other "non-medically related" work...
i've always been great with manual labor... hmmm... should really have taken up engineering instead...


first let's consider some facts...

based on my zodiac, im a cancerian and according to this survery...

Never Date a Scorpio

Jealous, paranoid, and possessive - deep down, your Scorpio will never trust you.

And even if you are very trust worthy person, Scorpio's paranoia may drive you to act out.

Instead try dating: Aries, Gemini, Libra, or Sagittarius

im currently in a medical career, and if and represented by one from a popular TV series...

Your result for The Which Grey's Anatomy Character Test...

Miranda Bailey

You're a strong, steady, reliable person. I think you'd be a good friend to have.. you'll always be there with a listening ear and some good advice.

Take The Which Grey's Anatomy Character Test at HelloQuizzy

so we look at my present level of maturity... am i really ready?

Your EQ is 113

You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt.

On an average day, you're quite happy, together, and content. You live your life well.

Your emotions aren't always stable, but you can go along with the ups and downs pretty well.

You tend to be motivated, energetic, focused, and level headed.

You see the world pretty rationally, and you don't tend to over dramatize things. When things are bad, you know they eventually have to get better.

let's say im really ready... how am i going to go about it...?

Your Love Style is Agape

You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner.

Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare.

You are willing to sacrifice your world for your sweetie.

Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifice to you.

For you, nothing feels better than giving to the one you love.

well... im always the type to put other people's happines above mine... what makes them happy, will make me happy... happiness is a luxury that not every one can have... i dont like seeing people depressed... i'd rather be the one depressed for them than see them feel that...

and as a last entry to this post...
one of my all time favorite songs...
that song that i usually recall in some situations... and a nice beat to actually dance into...

by Billy Crawford

He's urgently in love

(Every time I see you)

Hey, what you doing, what you doing to me?
I can have any girl in the world I want
They're all falling at my feet, uh, yeah yeah
But you go and ignore me, every move that I make
When I try to catch your eye, you're off on the flight
How much more can I take?

He's urgently in love, got to have only her
Won't go with nobody else (Oh, nobody else, oh yeah)
He's urgently in love, got to have no-one but her (a-ha)
No, body else (no)
Everytime I see her (everytime)
Her rhythem makes makes me shiver down my spine
It's a definite decision (it's a definite decision)
Got to have her, got to hold her
Got to make her mine (got to make her mine)

Hey, what you doing, what you doing to me?
(what you doing to me)
I can't read a book, I can't watch TV
'Cos you're all that I see (ooh) uh, yeah yeah
I never wanted to fall in love with you
But to tell you the truth, girl
All I wanna to do is take care of you
Lets ride my choo-choo (c'mon c'mon c'mon)

He's urgently in love, got to have her only
Won't go with nobody else (no no, n-n-no, no no, n-no)
He's urgently in love, got to have no-one but her
No no body else (c'mon)
everytime I see her (everytime I see you) everytime
Her rhythm makes makes me shiver down my spine
(down, down, down my spine)
It's a definite decision (it's a definite decision, ahh)
Got to have her, got to make her mine

Everytime I see her (everytime I see you)
Everytime (see her,see her)
Her rhythm makes makes me shiver
down my spine (her rhythm makes me shiver)
It's a definite decision (it's a definite decision)
Got to have her, got to hold her, got to make her mine
(I got to make her, make her)

He's got to have her (ooh ohh, yeah) come on
He's got to hold her (oh yeah, he's got to hold her, no)

He's got to have her (oh, don't you know he wants to, yeah)
He's got to hold her
What you do to me now?

It's a definite decision
Oh, he's got to make, to make her

He's urgently in love, got to have her only
Won't go with nobody else (we know, we know)
He's urgently in love, got to have no-one but her
(oh, woah woah)
No, nobody else (no no no)
Everytime he sees her (everytime I see her, everytime)
He's urgently in love, got to have only her
(got to have only her)
Won't go with nobody else (down my spine, down my spine)
It's a definite decision (it's a definite decision)
He's urgently in love (oh) got to have on-one but her (ah)
Got to make (no, nobody else) make you mine
Everytime I see her (ooh, everytime I see her)
He's urgently in love got to have only her
(yeah, yeah, come back in my life,
I won't be right without you)
Won't go with nobody else (down my spine)
It's a definite decision (it's a definite decision)
He's urgently in love, got to have no-one but her
(some body own)
No, nobody else (got to make her, got to make her, um)

(Hi, yo, Billy, where did you get those sneakers, man?)
(Those are so cool

9 yrs for a theme song...

For that best friend of mine who i havent met in say... 9 years?


"pipili ka lang ng theme song, tagalog pa!"... few more exchanges of YM later...

"... Magkita na tayo..." ahaha... subconsciously!!

Magkita Na Tayo Lyrics
Maja Salvador & Rayver Cruz
song from Kelly!Kelly!

Sino ka ba, parang matagal na kitang kilala
Kausap kita araw-araw kahit di pa tayo nagkikita
Sino ka ba…

Sino ka ba, parati nalang kitang kasama
pag-uwi ko sa bahay pagkatapos ng eskwela

Ilang basketball ang games ang iniwan ko
para dumiretso sa computer ko
Ilang after-school gimmicks ang iniwan ko
para dumiretso sa computer ko

Ngunit hanggang dito nalang ba tayo
Sa sarili nating mundo?

Magkita na tayo (magkita na tayo)
Gusto pa kitang makilala pa
Magkita na tayo (magkita na tayo)
Gusto kong makita ang iyong mukha
Magkita na tayo (magkita na tayo)
Gusto kong marinig ang boses mo
Magkita na tayo (magkita na tayo)
Alam kong matagal na tayong ganito
Kaya’t magkita na tayo.

Neeerddddd!!! and proudddddddd of it!! ( ^___^)

hehe.. came across this test.. i already know how would i fare... but wanted to see "How much" is too much or at least my "distribution" in the various aspects being compared here...

What Be Your Nerd Type?
Your Result: Science/Math Nerd

(Absolute Insane Laughter as you pour toxic chemicals into a foaming tub of death!)

Well, maybe you aren't this extreme, but you're in league with the crazy scientists/mathmeticians of today. Very few people have the talent of math and science is something takes a lot of brains as well. Thank whosever God you worship, or don't worship, so thank no deity whatsoever in your case, for you people! Most of us would have died off without your help.

Gamer/Computer Nerd
Anime Nerd
Drama Nerd
Social Nerd
Literature Nerd
Artistic Nerd
What Be Your Nerd Type?
Quizzes for MySpace

Sunday, July 13, 2008

back online...

marquee back working...

tagboard changed...

it's cool to see that my friendster and blogger tag board are like the thing that connects the 2 worlds... hehehe

anyway, im off... updates again next time. ^__^

The Junior Internship (12 months of REAL medical drama...) - Part 2

Oct-Nov 2007 - Surgery
Surgery, probably the most diverse rotation of them all... when i say diverse, it's because of the different subrotations each has to go into. i dont exactly recall which rotations came first so i'll go with whatever comes to mind first. anyway, when i think of surgery, the first rotation i will remember would be that of Amang Rodriquez. again, on single duty, every other day duty. this was the first time i experienced, significant surgical emergencies. this hospital was busy during weekends and holidays... when i say busy, it's so damn toxic. this is also when i realize, that alot of the locals find alcohol binging as a common practice during weekends/holidays. and as advertised on television, don't drink and drive. you'll see patients who come in complaining of getting into different types of vehicular accidents, from a mere getting side-swiped all the way to collisions. Aside from having to deal with patients of vehicular accidents, you can never neglect those who were in a mauling incident. criminals were also usuall brought there by the police for clearance prior to bringing them to the precincts or wherever have you. you'd see ER bedside CTT insertions, "codes" where one nurse would do everything... yes, everything from pump to push medications to doing ECG tracings. other departments usually don't tag along if that's not their patient since alot more has to be attended too. i also saw there a separte pediatric ER table. that's where all pedia patients come in first before being referred to other services... one thing UE has to have. anyway, i learned alot in terms of wound suturing there. i was able to stich avulsed phalanges, torn auricles, to helping out a bedside emergency CTT due to hemothorax. i was even told that i should choose to have a career in plastic surgery due to my OC-OC even in stitching. given that thought, i take so much time doing a stitching procedure that when im left alone at the surgery ER table, patients pile up. well, i'd like to consider it as making sure i have completed everything i need to in each patient rather than just passing them by. when you see teenagers or other young individuals that come in due to trauma, they would usually say "napagtripan lang" (were just at a bad place at a bad time) but while figuring their speech, their alcohol breath, and even their own dress code and arrogance, you know its the result of a brawl. i was also able to attend to a skin grafting operation there by a pay-patient... one thing that really amazes me as how their operating was so bright, not crowded, clean and alot of new items all around... sadly, very much nice than where i am from. anyway, regarding the residents that i work with, most of the women, except 2 were sooo mataray and loves to order people around. the males are often at their "cools" and the one 1st yr. resident that i got to frequently work with, Dr. Tamondong, took alot of patience to teach me all how to suture and some other stuff. anyway, back to UE, pay rotation was very much hell. thankfully, the tandem of me, bridel and grace were enough to glide through the rotation. we didnt count each others tasks, we helped doing the discharge summaries, the monitoring, etc. as for ortho rotation, it was relatively as what they called benign, however, we helped out during times when some other were toxic... assuming these people also helped us when we needed and not those that screwed us off. GU rotation was also great, for me, at least, this might have been the most enjoyable, even if we had a "perpertual" resident. ER-opd, was one crazy rotation. in ER i remember, in a duty day, we had a minimum of 60-64 patients... and apparently, on our first day we had only about 40s. we had our fair share of Medical codes, as well as Neuro, Surgery, and even a OB. those were priceless memories/experiences. as for OPD, patient's weren't really that much as compared to other departments, yes, even derma OPD had more patients than surgery did at those times, probably because surgical patient come in with a complaint, you take care of that problem, patient follows up after the operation, and when all is well, patient doesnt need to come back, unlike for example, a patient with DM or asthma or TB. i do recall Dr. Agustin to be the OPD rotator and he has been one for i think almost or more than year, i really can't recall. i remember he said before that it was getting pretty boring and non-challenging anymore for him. anyway, our last rotations for this department was at male/female wards. for the male ward, the one patient that i can recall is that of the one we had to dress twice daily due to gangrene. his suprapubic and scrotal area where affected by such an infection. i always took time to do the dressing myself even after we shifted rotations, since the patient complained that after we rotated, those that followed us, usually dresses himself once or would not do it so well. i can't blame him, im an OC guy, if im doing something, whether i like it or not i try my best to do it. i believe its just part of my work ethic, but anyhow, the patient was eventually able to get home and that is what's more important. as for the female ward, we had relatively much more of a benign ward, but we had patients that complained alot... they felt like they were pay patients... but it was their desire to be admitted at the charity wards and demanded so much. anyway, nothing significant really happened there except as we were nearing the end of our rotation, i forgot to follow up the schedule of one patient's CTT removal for which Dr. Astudillo got really angry. i admittedly failed to follow up the scheduling of the patient since i was busy with all the needed paperworks (DS due to ending of departmental rotation). and luckily the OR nurses were able to squeeze in this patient in the OR but only with a limited time for which was not enough to do the task very well... another one of my last day funks...

Dec 2007 - Jan 2008 - OB-GYN
OB-GYN, probably the only rotation where i was able to spend alot of time reading, watching, and sleeping even when on duty. it's because the rotation only involved, Wards and non-wards. we started with an ER rotation and as usual like that of surgery, had relative a minimum of 60-64 patients in 1 duty day. i could not exactly recall whether it was during my surgery-ER or OB-ER rotation that we got the most number of patients... that each of us JIs at the ER had approximately 18 patients each. anyway, that was one freakishly toxic duty day. i do recall however, that dr.Maliwat told us, whenever he would be the ambu surgeon, a psyche patient would usually come in, and since that time he told us, that was never proven wrong. i rotated in Quirino Hospital for my outside rotation and i really liked my SIs and Dr. Masangkay. Dr. Masangkay, Emay as her friends and co-residents would call her, was always kind enough to teach me all that i can learn in the deliveries of the children. i even had my suturing lessons as well. i recall, one time that we were so toxic, i was left alone to fix the laceration in a patient for which i was able to do very much nicely upon inspection of a senior, although it took me over an hour to do it...sometimes it's these moments were you yourself can be proud of what you've learned or did after everything that has transpired. i was able to work with some Perpetual Medical Interns, and though i would say that im lucky enough to have met some that was quite hardworking than what i was been told off. during my last day there, i was assigned to watch over an ICU patient who developed psychosis after delivery. back in the wards, the charity wards was relatively benign because during our rotation the charity delivery room was still under renovation, and no patients are accepted unless they are willing to have their deliveries at the pay delivery room which would cost more than what they would expect. however, some patients were very much prepared that it was not much of a problem for them. but the one thing i myself hated to do was to do labor watching for more than 24 hrs or 36 even maybe that would eventually end up with a caesarean delivery. i even observed that most of these pay patients when they go into labor and don't deliver within a certain amount of hours, the consultants would usually do a caesarean already to minimize further complications to both mother and baby, however, my longest experience ever in labor room was staying in the labor room for ~36 hrs. that was hell even for just 1 patient because, the monitoring is PER contraction, and the contractions were not predictable, and yes, i fell asleep at times during the labor watch. it was not as easy as one can expect. as for the house staff party, OB won the 1st prize. this department had the most consultants that participated and our SIs at that time were pretty much game to every little detail of it. of course Claro and Dr. Casurao were significant proponents of it. my part? well, was to lift Dr. Casurao up together with 2 other guys, and one fast paced dance. i secured that video to criticize my own performance... which i would not expound on it here. let's just say that as the tension builds up, my performance is affected. im really not used to performing infront of alot of people... (my first ever was during 2005 in Dance nAPO). and again as part of my usual last day funks, we had our fairshare of demerits due to a SP quiz to serve among others and some "conflicts" as well...

Feb 2008 - Neuro
oh hell... hell... hellish... crazeeee... the most crazy-toxic rotation of probably my entire JI-ship, most especially neurosurgery. if not for the help of the pay & charity ward groupmates, we would have been dead. we meaning grace and I. yes, 2 people on 10 days of perpetual duty. when one is in the OR everything else is left to the other one. we didnt have and "in-charge" or backing system since logic dictates it's but an either/or scenario only. grace and i did the IS/DS depending on who knows the patient more or admitted the patient. but we made sure that the data on the chart was suffice to keep each other aware of the status and clinical data of the patient should one of us becomes inacessible. imagine this, all monitoring, referrals, laboratories, and procedures are left to the Neurosurg JI left at the wards while the other is inside the OR. that tops my single duty of NCHA. i experienced having spent my entire morning referring to different departments, while Pep and Keiko took over the ward monitoring. thank you pep and keiko... so much. neuro pay & neuro ward was less problematic than neuro surg. yes, we had Q1s like forever, but with sharing the patients that we monitored we basically could minimize the toxicity. we didn't do a by floor thing but rather by patient among grace, bridel, and me. that would have been much equal and less toxic. (e.g. 3 q1s in 4th floor and none at 3rd floor would be better managed when each of us had 1 than all 3 done by 1 JI only). the one thing we hated only in this rotation was that of the attendance and the "emergency quiz". the attendance was so hard to time since if the office was closed and you failed to sign at before 7am, you'd get crossed out. the residents watches were likewise not at part with that of the wall clock in the office. as for the emergency quiz, we can only blame those that made Dr. Pineda angry at our group. anyway, i'm glad it was only for a month...

March 2008 - Psych
our last rotation... as i write this part of my entry, i am once again feeling that sense of relief... like when we were just counting the days till we would say goodbye to our clerkship...this rotation was a challenge to our individual interviewing skills. psychiatric interview requires you to spend an ample time with the patient and relative to get a better idea of the problem. this is also the time i realized how much people go "crazy" because of either traumatic experiences or poor communication with others. the paper work was very long and took alot of effort to make. the reports to be submitted were likewise the same. one unique aspect of this rotation is that of the occupational therapy, daily exercise, and socialization. the daily exercises were left to duty/pre-duty groups to handle and each did it differently. for our group, i was the one who created the "dance steps". i tried my best to keep it as simple as possible, however, no matter how i made it so, the patients had so much difficulty following. the dance steps were so easy that even my niece and nephew could follow. our group usually started with stretching exercise while i prepare the music. i take alot of time at home trying to master the dance step at home and honing/modifying it as it is seen on TV or music videos to make it very simple to follow and atuned to the beat of the music, sadly, i completed the rotation with not much success on my part. guess i cant be a dance instructor... ahehe. anyway, for our occupational therapy, we did the usual simple activities like that of art classes. for our group, i noticed that games were so much the preference of these patients. the patients tend to interact more, share more and speak up more if it was in a game. somehow, the feeling of playing and to some, winning, creates a sense of confidence in them. socializaton was likewise similar to that of occupational therapy, only it included food to share with the relatives, patient, co-JI, our residents, and nurses/aides. we had our rounds with the chairman of the department as well, and it proved to be an eye opener regarding this subspecialty. the most "toxic" monitoring during this rotation would be the Q1 sleep wake cycle for most of the patients. we did our usual decking so that we would have time to sleep at least for more than 6 hours each at night.

March 31st - April 1, 2008 Last duty day in Psychiatry
the last duty day, i recall was people (co-JIs, residents, nurses, even consultants) signing JI's uniform with greetings and what have you as a celebration of the last day. the JIs were allowed to walk around the institution with these "valid vandalisms" on their uniforms. i had my own uniform signed as well. hehe. however, as everyone was enjoying the last day, doing friendship-rounds. i was sadly stuck to my laptop doing paperworks for a March 30th admitted patient. had to do both the paperworks and endorsements... all in less than 25 hrs. yes, since we are officially relieved after we have properly endorsed to the new batch... but again as i tried to mix my duty with mingling... i falled short of finishing early to leave early on the 1st of April. i do recall i went home at around 2pm that afternoon, finishing my endorsement.

in the end, it doesnt matter what time you leave... but the feeling of finally finishing a year of clerkship is the ultimate victory... for now... ^__^

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Junior Internship (12 months of REAL medical drama...) - Part 1

im drafting this as i recall them... straight to typing... no further
corrections, just as how it runs through my thoughts and the fastest way i
can describe them...pls. bear with me... ^__^ i want to be as informative as
possible... with at most detail as possible... so let's begin...

april-may 2007 - pedia
yes, my first few days of clerkship. i due recall being so freakin lost and
not able to sleep during our duty. paper works, monitoring, have to realize
to learn to eat in between. it was nuts. but none the less, wards wasnt that
bad. i just recall that apparently the "pay" group at that time had the time
to relax and when we asked for help, there was that sense of selfishness. it
was lucky that they were a benign group even when we changed rotations. pay
ward... well, much better. i do recall significantly our SIs... that are
currently (2008) residents here. mam chillen & mam joy. we didnt really want
them checking our DS because they were so OC that we always had corrections
but then again, i grew to love the way the check because they would fix each
and every error... sometimes to a point of no brainer-like you just have to
retype what they wrote and it's done! hehe... cant forget sir joms too, the
one who always smile admist all that toxicity... DS wise, oh he'll just sign
it and trust you did everything right... you can guess now, how many people
had their DS signed by him... ahehehe... that sums up our wards for NCHA, oh it was hell... i was the one going on single duties and at
every other day. how the hell does 1 man cover the monitoring of babies in
the rooming-in-unit of OB-ward, those immediately in NCHA, and those at the
pay wards. to top that off, you have to be always present at every baby
catching since at that time, baby out = repeat rotation. one thing i also
hated, and thank god there was unlimited text already, was the need to text
the resident the ENTIRE history of the mother. sheessh, like we're so rich
to do that. what did people do back then when there was no texting? my
god... thankfully i had more duties with Dr. Tuazon who was always game,
kind, and pleasant, which made my life a little bit easier. i was able to
resort to writing the data down on paper and giving it to the ROD instead of
texting too... but eventually was not much "tolerated?" because "the paper
was lost after a time..." another pain was one particular SI... she thinks
she's so freakin good... but in actually wasnt. wearing a white coat does
not mean you become a superior being. helloooo.... but luckily, there were
Great SIs that also balanced everything out, thank you mam and sirs...
outside rotation at NCH was initially OK... until that time i was caught
sleeping in the quarters... i honestly fell asleep while studying for the
shifting exam which they obviously didnt buy. that's one mataray senior
resident... another profound experience would be when it poured heavily and
the water was "washing" the dirty matresses... and yes, yellowish brown
slimy liquids starts flooding the floor of the quarters... amazing
experience... OPD rotation wasnt so bad, and the only toxic day was for
bakuna day, other than that none at all. i do recall Dr. Nazareth having to
reprimand me at times for my diagnosis of the patients but other than that
nothing significant happened. my first phlebotomy rotation at the Lab was
with Colleen, yes, i will not forget that day. she was so willing to teach
me all that i can, wanted me to even do every single patient so that i could
learn. conquer fears, and learn...

june-july 2007 Medicine
oh hell... the mother of all toxicity they say...
I remember i got the patient of Mike B. and yes, he had "chronic"
patients... so making the take-over and endorsement notes was pretty much
hell... the extra charts were so amazing that they can be book binded as
well, but none the less, like what he promised, they were not as toxic as
one would expect. anyway, i was on duty with Alfred, and cheng for the male
side of the ward for an entire month, and i would say, being 3 for this side
of the ward was so less toxic than when it would be 2 or 1. yes there was a
time that Grace had to man an entire medical ward because Bam was absent...
that was more than hell... that was infernal... anyway, back to my
memories...the SIs during this time were initially manning the ICU but in nearing the
end of the month it was more of decking with JIs to purely JIs and SIs
supervised. backing system at this time for us JIs was unsatisfactory that
usually got us into trouble. ward consultant was Dr. Sandejas. oh boy, i
will surely remember that guy. aside from being a terror on rounds, he
caught me that one time i forgot to bring my ID... wow... was even asked
what demerit would i want, and none would suffice for him, it was like a
rhetorical question... in the end, it was eventually resolved... but then
again, i cant really recall that well anymore. i do remember my last day in
the wards... my freaking birthday... having to go home late at around 7-8 or
even 9pm i think just to finish a summarized history of all my patients as
part of my endorsement notes. i always try to put completeness and
perfection in my work, because not only does it satisfies me, it would
definitely help the one who will take over. however, that can be double
edged also if in case the one that will take over is a slacker... he/she
will not go into any trouble of having to review old charts anymore. oh
well, that becomes their problem in the future. few things i learned while
at wards, how to do trache care, insert a foley catheter, extract blood. yes
IV insertion was not a practicable skill for me since i usually get patients
that either were chronic, didnt need to have an IV, or was already inserted
an IV at the ER, or was admitted not at my duty. the most significant was of
course the Tracheostomy tube care... not in ENT but likewise learned it. but
i would say i got my needed skills of doing phlebotomy there, and there was
another thing that me and Mike had to do to our patient... regularly... weekly...
everheard of Manual Fecal Extraction..?

was assigned at 4 east. during our time, known as the most benign station.
and true enough, i noted to have more sleep there than i was in the wards. i
also recalled, that it would have been always no problem for me to help my
other JIs do monitoring of their patient even if it was under medicine...
(neuro, OB, surgery) i always believe that clerkship is learning to work
with other people as well. i dont do any initiative to do the monitoring
unless intially agreed upon or the patient is toxic because i can get into
trouble if say i monitored a post-op OB patient when im a Med JI and
problematic findings were noted... if there was decking involved and i was
part of it, then no problem. ^__^i remember also, we have a unique agreement with Pep. no other group were
like our tandem. pep would usually be the one to follow my duty, and he
would cover both 4east and 4 north. i told pep that when im duty or even
from duty, i would man the 4east station, with hopes that pep would be able
to conserve his energy until after 5pm when i leave (when i'm from duty) he
starts covering for 4east. at such a mutual agreement, i found it seldom to
see Pep so wasted the following day, and that is what i believe is good
teamwork. Toxicity is made less when shared... the benign aspect of a
rotation would be sacrificed, yes, alot of whom which find it not worth
giving up. 4east nurses and aides were likewise a good company. we had are
fun times and as such even after i rotated in medicine, that good
camaraderie remained. 1 very significant event that i will never forget is
that of me getting an IR for a patient of Dr. MEdel. which warranted me a
reprimand from Dr.Fernandez and Dr.Franciso. Even my SIs were placed into
the problem. in the end... i got the axe, and a punishment... which i did
serve under Dr. Medel... yes, that was the time that my Commed days were not
so much fun...

August 2007 - COmmunity medicine
oh hell yeah!!!! when is the time to be relax? when is the time you'll get
to live like a pig? when is the time you'll get back all your sleep? oh...
yes, this was the life... the most relaxed rotation. i wouldnt call it
benigh since we had do travel daily for about 2-3hrs on a hot van stay in an
old infrastructure that had different species of arthropods at night...
well. the fun part was probably the need of NO PAPERWORKS!! and we got to do
our own cooking... i realized at that point, that most of the guys in our
group could cook!! well... 3/5 that is... i did a recipe too. my groupmates
thought it was a great soup (corn soup) but for me it was not at par with my
own home cooking standards. probably because i never got to cook for so much
people before? i dont know. anyway, i remember having to bring alot of stuff
up there. a laptop as my TV/video player, food, snacks, shirts,
insecticide.. hehe... and when probably asked what i loved to do there as my
past time... oh yeah... get that cleaver and start cleaving all those frozen
ice of the freezer. it was so much and brutal... the ice cracking apart with
bits and pieces flying off as you hack away, and big chunks would crumble
once you do a nice ice break...heehee... enough of that, let's talk about
what i did there...i do recall being assigned to Sambaville with cherry. i
never really got to work with cherry yet since internship and it turned out
to be a good partnership... she's good with these kids!! wow... that's one
kind of patient i may never learn to handle... anyway, in Sambaville, the
clinic was scheduled daily, and like in the UE OPC, there are "subspecialy"
days. the most difficult for us at that time was the OB-GYN part since aside
from not yet rotating in that department, after being overwhelmed by
Medicine and Pediatric problems, we suddenly realized that OB-GYN was entire
a different field... not like some surgical or neurologic findings where you
would really come across as you rotate in medicine. we didnt even recall
well how to do an IE!! how are we suppose to do an OB-GYNE examination! but
poise is well kept, memories challenged, and teamwork again prevailed...well, another unique thing with our ComMed rotation is that we had a
different Coordinator and alot of heavy rains poured... so aside from having
suspended days like back in elementary, we eventually ended up having PBL
like discussions instead...oh, and yeah, every friday i had my revalida with Dr. Medel regarding the
topic of Hypertension whenever we were finished from our JI Board review...
thankfully, all went well and it was over as i ended this rotation...

September 2007 - ENT/OPHTHA
coming back after that relative rest was like waking up from a dream...first 2 weeks was around ENT. not as toxic a rotation as compared to pedia or medicine. fair share of ORs as well. ophtha wise, we had our benign times... to a point where we had no patients... that was a first for our group... and likewise a unique experience in internship... however, there is but one thing I would never forget during our rotation, is that when grace's laptop and my laptop's power cord was stolen from a locked Lunga... wow... amazing. that was a golden moment... so significant, that nothing else sparks a memory in that entire month's rotation... up until present, the said stolen items were never found... but the fruit of such, lockers were now placed inside the lungga for the next rotators... they say it could be the janitor... no witnesses were noted... suspects remained as such... case unsolved... damn that thief...

After an entire year...

Wow, can't believe that it's been 2 years since my last post here...hmm...cant even remember why i stopped. even had trouble remembering my password
for this account. hehe...
alot has changed in other blogs... and even my TAGBOARD seems to have
disappeared... hmmm... im still not good in html lingo so will still stick
to the plain compose part... even that scrolling text at the bottom of this blog page is gone as well... and what remains is the deathclock... wow... nice reminder.. ahahaha...
Silent river...hmmm... well, i think i lived up to that name up until this
point... ahehehe... anyway, plan to do an update so to speak, and well,
since im back up here, plan to fill in some gaps... to reach the present...
July 2008.
i cant recall next what happened after my last post... till the end of the
i do know i was not able to go abroad with my other family since the date of
arrival back here in the philippines would be 2 days after the start of my
internship... so ended up home alone... oh well.
and basically since April 2007 - March 2008 i was completing my clerkship...hmm...i'll probably just do a quick run down of my entire Junior internship
or perhaps better put clerkship. i'll just go by departments that i've
rotated into and try to recall what significantly happened...
i expect to be a long recall of events... likewise a long post...
Like an endless flow in the river... i am always in thought...
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